Creativity at Work

I am blessed to have a job that allows me many opportunities to express my creativity. Having to live in a world wrought with a global pandemic and multiple lockdowns, I had the opportunity to begin painting murals in the church basement where the Sunday School rooms are. I started with the entrance at the bottom of the stairs and plan to continue them throughout the hallway.

It was so much fun creating this Biblical-themed town. The fact that it took four million coats of paint to cover the walls didn’t even bother me. It’s so warm and inviting now when you come down the stairs. Instead of being met by cold, grey, walls, you enter into a colorful world!

Any excuse to paint

Those of you who know me, know that I will take any excuse to paint and express my creativity! Needless to say, I was super excited when I received approval to paint these murals! These are some of the largest paintings I have ever done. Sure I painted some murals in the nursery, but in comparison, those were quite a bit smaller. These murals are floor to ceiling, and some are painted on difficult cement walls! As usual, they don’t look exactly as I’d like them to but I’m still happy. And everyone else who has seen them seems to like them.

Carpentry Creativity

Would ladder making be considered carpentry? I don’t know, but I hand-tied multiple ladders made from bamboo for Jacob’s shop. Don’t try to climb them though… they are decoration only!

Variety in difficulty levels

As you can tell from the photos, some of these shops were a little less involved than others. Moses and Aaron decided on a more simplistic look for their law office. However, this simplistic look did detract slightly from the fun factor of painting. It is certainly a lot more fun… and frustrating… to paint something like the Widow’s Oil Shop, or Noah’s Exotic Pets. At the same time, there are days when you just feel like painting a simple blue wall.

My Favorite Painting

If I have to pick one shop that is my favorite, it would probably have to be Jonah’s Fish Fry. This was also the painting that took the longest, and used up a lot of my paints! And, it may only be my favorite because it’s almost all of it is a shade of my favorite teal color.

I’m excited to continue painting down the halls with a park scene… and maybe another shop or two. But first, I need to get some more paint! At least white, you’d be surprised just how much white you use when you’re mixing all of your own colors from red, white, green, blue, yellow, and black paints!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little trip through our biblical town and the fact that I’m actually writing a post for the first time in like forever! I promise there will be at least one or two more before I disappear again! Ha Ha!

Visit our church website to see what fun upcoming events we have planned! See more of my mural paintings here.

I am Consistently Inconsistent!

Am I good at inconsistency or what?

So… I seem to be doing really well at keeping this blog updated, eh? Consistently inconsistent is definitely what I am!

Life has been very busy lately, even with the break that COVID provided. Blogging hasn’t been the highest of priorities for me I’m afraid. However, there has been a lot of cooking… hundreds of food pictures… so who knows, maybe I will start updating regularly and get you all caught up! 🙂 For now, I will just sneak a few teaser photos in amongst the post!

The little free time I have had over the past few months has been spent cooking Korean food and learning Hangul, (Korean language). At this point, I don’t think there has been a Korean dish that we have tried that I did not like. The other day my husband asked me what my favorite Korean dish is; I honestly couldn’t give him an answer. I’d say fried chicken but then think about tteokbokki. Or then I would remember hotteok… there are just too many delicious dishes in Korean cooking!


And then I forgot about this post…

Believe it or not, I wrote those first few paragraphs over three months ago and never finished the post… my inconsistency strikes yet again!

Some major life changes have taken place since those first few paragraphs were written. Just a few weeks ago my church voted me in as the Pastor of Children and Family Outreach. I am officially a pastor… insert shocked emoji face here!

In all honesty, not a lot will change in the work that I have been doing for the church. I was volunteering between 10-20 hours a week, more in the summer around Vacation Bible School time. The difference is that now 5 of those hours will be paid! And also, the encouragement that comes from my congregation realizing the value in having a paid person in the position. It is awesome to know that they value the children’s ministry… and family ministry… enough to step out in faith and create this position. Even more so given the current times and being in a global pandemic. I hope that I will live up to their expectations and that God will bless the ministry of our church in our community and beyond!


That’s really all of the updates I have right now. Hopefully, I will resume a more regular posting schedule… for all of you who read this blog! 😛 Maybe 2021 is the year I will become less consistently inconsistent!

In the meantime, check out my previous cooking posts here. If you want to keep up with what is going on at our church, check out our website here.

Children’s Ministry Decorating Challenge.


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here yet, but in September I will be starting my Masters in Children’s Ministry. I’ve been running the Children’s programs at our church for about a year and truly feel that I have found my calling. Recently we decided to renovate/redecorate some rooms in the basement to accommodate our growing Sunday School. We made it into a challenge and had three teams participate.

I led one team and we chose the preschool room. Here is the before:


We had many different ideas for our room and changed our direction many times. Finally, we settled on a sea themed room, complete with a boat. Each team had six weeks and a budget of $500 to complete their room. Our team had many unfortunate circumstances and scheduling conflicts, so we were pretty crunched for time. There’s a still a bit of work to be done even though the time is up. We spent very little of our budget which will enable us to do a few touch-ups over the summer before the rooms are put to use in the fall.


Here are the pictures for the after:

After I will make you fishers of menFaith keepersRainbow Children's ministry

My team was amazing! They did a hefty chunk of painting the main colors (and all of the cutting in! My least favorite part.) Once we had that done, I sketched out the fish and other murals. It was here that the scheduling conflicts hit. One team member started a new job that prevented her from being available when most of us were. I was down to one team member. She helped fill in some of the mural pictures until her own schedule conflict came up. I was so very thankful for all of the help they gave though and feel we managed to create a really fun and inviting room for the kids.


By now you’re probably curious as to whether or not we won the challenge. I am happy to say we did… but barely!

The Sunday School kids got to be the judges. We had 14 kids and they each picked their favorite room. Four went to the first room, five in the second and five in ours! We had the four from the first room be the tie-breaking votes and we squeaked out a win by one!

Of course, it really wasn’t about winning. We now have three beautiful, inviting, and fun rooms for when our Sunday School starts back up in the fall.

And just wait till you see what I have planned for the hallway! 😉

Sometimes life gets a bit crazy!


You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit neglectful when it comes to posting regularly. Well, as the title says, sometimes life gets crazy!

I work part-time/seasonally for a wonderful local accountant. Most of my work comes during tax season, which has just ended. Well, mostly anyway. This year was particularly crazy! So my life lately has looked like this: (please excuse my messy floor!)

Bags of returns

Also, we’ve had a decorating challenge going on at our church for our Sunday School rooms. I was leading one of the teams. Therefore any free time in the last six weeks has been spent at the church. But more on that in another post!


As for homeschooling… we’ve been squeezing in what we can. A little Life of Fred here, a novel there, some spelling practice strewn throughout our day. Mostly, we’ve just been out in the mud enjoying the sun… and a little rain as well.

Mining rocks, with a hammer of course!

Sleepy muddy boy
What’s a l’il mud?

Silly girl
Don’t you just love that hair sticking out?

Hammering pipe
Gotta feed those ants!

Pirates ahoy!
Grandpy turned the play structure into a pirate ship

silly boy
Not happy about being on the ship. lol

Clean that boat
Waiting her turn to swab the deck.

Mr Moo just wants to play in the sand

the plank
Walk the plank! Mr T built this all on his own!

Helping daddy dig the garden

Muddy muddy
Oh the mud!

There’s been some building: a plank, and an ant feeding tube. There’s been some mining for rocks and ore. Trips to Nanny’s to play in the pirate ship and sandbox. And there have been a few wheelbarrow rides. Best of all, there’s been dirt and mud!

Mr. T has also been working on a quilt. He asked for the Easter Bunny to bring him a sewing machine and set straight to work! As soon as mommy gets the bindings cut we will finish it up.

Quilt top

He’s also decorated his wall in quite a unique way. He was making “machines” on it, though I think most of those are gone now.

Inventor in our midst!

I wish I could say that life was going to settle down now that tax season is slowly coming to a close. Unfortunately, it won’t, as now we move into birthday planning for Lil Miss and Mr. Moo (they share the same birthday), Vacation Bible School planning and decorating, and planning for a women’s retreat. I do tend to thrive on being busy, but a little break here and there is nice! 😜😂